About type-translator

type-translator is designed to accept text input from a user and to translate this text to the desired output language. For now, the app is a simple service primarily for education and fun. Those interested in learning how to develop an app like this can read on to learn about the app and see the source code.

type-translator is a web application built using Node.js and Express 4 (and EJS). The front end is supported by Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap 4 (Bootstrap likely being obvious ). We hope that type-translator proves to be a fun, useful tool!

translate-type on GitHub

Check out the translate-type Node.js module on GitHub if you want to build your own Node.js application that interacts with Microsoft Azure's Translator service.

Check it out!

type-recorder is a sister application to type-translator. type-recorder allows a user to input text and have that text read allowed back to him or her. I may look at combining type-recorder and type-translator one day! But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Build this App!

This Node.js application was built thanks to open-source software! Interested in building an app like this? Check out this tutorial by Loran Saggu, the author of the type-recorder application.

Tutorial type-recorder
That's me!